Designed and manufactured for the compaction of PTFE powders, this Cold Isostatic Press (CIP) system was recently installed for a customer who are leaders in the manufacture and supply of  advanced PTFE products across the globe.

Rated to 550 Bar, the CIP System includes a Pressure Vessel utilising one of Denatec’s Interrupted Thread Closure Mechanisms which is ideal for this type of application.  The closure features a rotary actuated 1/8th turn Lock Ring and Plug Assembly that is integrated into a hydraulic closure handling system, negating the need for any manual intervention – a plethora of safety switches and a fully encompassing safety cage prevents access to the automated equipment when being operated.

Being over 2.5m in height, the press is supported by a structural framework located in the bottom of a pit.  This allows the top of the press to be quickly and easily accessed for product loading.

Located alongside the press at floor level is a Fluid Control Module that contains all the hardware needed for fully automated fluid and pressure control operations.  The Pressure Control & Fluid Management System lets the operator create a bespoke pressure profile depending upon the type or size of product being pressed.