Designed and manufactured for automated testing of advanced Sonar and Underwater Imaging Equipment, this system was recently installed for a customer who are global leaders in the supply of products into both  and defence subsea sectors.

Simulating operating depths exceeding 6000 MSW, the system includes a Pressure Vessel utilising one of Denatec’s most popular closure systems for this style of application.  Integrated into the closure are three bespoke penetrators for the connection of the customers own electrical feed-throughs.

The Pressure Vessel is housed neatly within a Safety Enclosure that also houses the hardware needed for fully automated fluid and pressure control operations.  The Pressure Control & Fluid Management System lets the operator carry out safe and accurate pressure testing utilising an advanced HMI/PLC that also allows for the creation of variable pressure profiles which can be stored in a library.  Also built into the system’s compact Control Panel is a touchscreen PC and data capture device that allows for datalogging of pressure and temperature.  Data can be viewed easily on the screen and/or saved off onto the customer’s network.

An integrated Lifting System/Support Frame negates the need for overhead crane utilisation and allows for products to be easily attached to the underside of the Closure which has multiple ports to connect any type of electrical and/or hydraulic penetrator.