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Pump, Valve, Hose and

Actuator Test Benches

For companies who manufacture high pressure equipment such as pumps, valves, hoses and actuators, Denatec can supply Testing Benches that allow for fast and efficient proof test and cyclic testing.

Vertical, Horizontal & Tilting Valve Testing Benches
Hose Testing Rigs
Linear & Rotary Actuator Test Benches
Multi-Stab & Stab Plate Connector Testing
Pressure Relief Valve Setting/Testing Rigs
Pump pressure & flow testing systems
Fully Equipped Test Containers

Designed with the client’s equipment in mind and configured to carefully manage and control each test parameter, these systems provide all the operational and safety requirements needed.

Vertical & Horizontal Test Benches with tightening screws & hydraulic actuators suitable for ½” NB up to 120” NB valves with reaction forces up to 3’000 ton.
Angled twin screw, balanced Test Benches suitable for ½” NB up to 80” NB valves with reaction forces up to 3’000 ton.
Flexible Tube & HP Hose Testing Systems for endurance, burst and cycle testing, elongation, volumetric expansion/dilatation with rotation & bend.
Pressure Relief Valve Test Benches designed for testing and setting any type of safety or pilot operated PRV in accordance with API 526 and API 527.
Safety valve Test Benches with manual or automatic clamping mechanism suitable for ¼” NB up to 16” NB with reaction forces up to 250 ton.
Testing according to API 526, API 527, EN, ANSI, DIN, BS, ISO or according to customer’s specific requirements, with hydraulic pressure up to 5’400 bar and up to 2’700 bar with gases such as Nitrogen, Helium or Argon.
Test Benches for valve actuator and spring return testing.  Torque control up to 20,000 Nm with rotational control +/- 90° or cyclic static and dynamic tests with (anti) clockwise rotation

All equipment is subject to a comprehensive Factory Acceptance Test before being delivered to the customer

Denatec carry out the positioning, siting & installation of the equipment before completing a rigorous Site Acceptance Test. (SAT).


Upon successful customer sign off, Denatec carry out formal training in the correct and safe operation of the equipment, issuing the final technical documentation and certification upon completion. Written Schemes of Examination can also be provided if required.

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